Herbal Remedies to Increase Natural Vaginal Tightness

Another method that women can try to increase natural vaginal tightness is with natural, homeopathic alternatives. Creams, sprays and other products can help tighten your vagina without surgery or exercise.

Undoubtedly you have seen numerous miracle creams and gels on the market, all claiming to increase vaginal tightness. Some work, some don't. What makes them work are naturally ingredients that, when applied, constrict your muscles and make them contract.

The effect is not permanent, however. In 5 to 15 minutes after application, you can have sex and enjoy a tightened vagina during the duration of sex. It wears off in an hour or two. For some this is a perfect solution to a loose vagina and loss of feeling during sex.

Feeling like a virgin, or tight like you were when you first started being sexually active, is the goal most women want to achieve. To have that feeling of a small, tight vagina to fully enjoy the act of sexual intercourse with a partner is something to be desired.

These creams and gels use tropical herbal extracts that are known for their contractive properties. Restore the grip and tightness of your vagina. Make your intimate life much more enjoyable. If you have a lack of interest in sex, it may be because you were missing a key feature: properly performing parts!

Men have Viagra and all types of pills and machines that help enhance their penis. It is publicly advertised on TV commercials and internet ads. It has even become the butt of jokes and mockeries. But the fact remains, men have a problem too as they age, and a solution is out there for them!

The problem of men's erections and women's vaginal tightness are both problems that arise over time with age, stress and for women, childbirth. What you do about it is up to you.

For men, the problem is solved more easily with a pill affecting blood flow to the penis for a longer, harder erection. Or pumps that temporarily give a man that extra pack he wants. However, for a woman, since the sexual organs are mostly internal, the solution is a bit more tricky.

A woman then turns to a cream for physical change to the vagina. It's not permanent, but a temporary fix for a loose vagina. There are many ointments out there for women to try. Some even come in spray form. Most of these creams offer only provisional tightness.

One spray that can actually improve the health and tightness of your vagina over time is Instant Virgin.

You spray it 2 times into the open lips of your labia and as far as you can into your vaginal opening. After 5 minutes it should tighten your vagina and enhance your sexual experience. Both partners will benefit, as you will have more feeling with more natural vaginal tightness, and your partner will feel friction and pressure.

Each bottle of Instant Virgin Spray has 15 mls of solution. With 2 sprays per application, you have about 50 uses in one bottle! After continued use every day, even if you don' t have sex, the condition of your vagina is actually supposed to improve. You really could achieve natural vaginal tightness again.

With the use of Instant Virgin, you can dispel any unpleasant vaginal odors as well. The suppleness and firmness of the vaginal walls is slowly restored. It also reduces excess mucous while increasing vaginal lubrication.

Firm and tighten your vagina for more pleasure and comfort. Stimulate your libido again with a release of estrogen. Your vaginal walls will be contracted with the formula in Instant Virgin, intensifying your sexual pleasure.

As you search for internet deals for Instant Virgin, you will find that a bottle or two is actually quite expensive. Below is the ability to purchase the bottle of Instant Virgin for just $37.99 with free shipping. The cheapest on eBay is listed at $48.00 and upwards. Better yet, it will be shipped from the USA in a timely fashion!

The cost of a bottle of Instant Virgin is well worth trying along with your Kegel exercises and other maintenance. Before you go running to the plastic surgeon for LVR, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, surgery, go natural and see how your body reacts to the herbal remedy to naturally tighten and bring suppleness back to your vaginal, giving you natural vaginal tightness.

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